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Our service is very simple and anyone can intuitively master it. However, in order to facilitate the start of the work, we have described in detail...


Many people who wants to earn more money, simply "go broke".To make good money with eBay you need to be a good seller and, what is most important - ...


By analyzing the potential of electronic purchases on eBay, we find that BuyOver seeks to increase the number of its users. This increase, in return,is an indicator of...

We work for you - the service that is designed for independent eBay buyers. Experienced professional eBay buyers showed that the cheapest way to buy, for example a smartphone or laptop less likely to be just choosing from the latest offerings. These are the products that have not been available to other buyers yet or have a single number of previews. The price on such items might be up to 30% lesson new items or up to 60% lesson the used once. So with us you pay less and get more what makes it easy to save and earn.

BuyOver is unique in its kind service that automates the process of searching for the new lots offered for sale. Access to these lots dramatically increases your chances to make a purchase faster and cheaper. While others are in search of new and cheaper goods, you can already see it and make a decision,that often can be critical even by seconds. Moreover, some of our packages provide the ability to search in several categories at once (for example telephones, tablets, laptops). That is physically impossible to do on your own.

Daily you can to test the service BuyOver for free.

News and events

Great news from BuyOver service for intercontinental users

In order to obtain an additional advantage when making purchases, after lengthy negotiations, BuyOver as a reliable partner of eBay, we are in the final phase of negotiations on the provision of technical access to the Online mode database arrival of new products on the world famous trading floor

New project. Ebay now became even closer and more accessible

We are pleased to announce the good news, running the test BuyOver specifically for our customers who prefer to make purchases of goods traditionally high German quality on the European site